About Asset Trace +

Who are we?

At AssetTrace+, we reunite individuals or their legal representatives with unclaimed assets held on their behalf by a company in which they are or were a shareholder.

There are various reasons why payments may not have been claimed by a shareholder such as the original cheques getting lost in the post, being misplaced, not providing up to date bank account details or the Company Registrar not being informed of a change of address.

We are proud to work with companies to provide a simple and secure way to reunite individuals with their unclaimed assets.

If you’ve received a letter from us, this means that the company you hold or held shares in (as shown on your letter) has instructed us to contact you and help you access your unclaimed assets. It’s therefore important that you take action to ensure you don’t lose out.

About us

AssetTrace+ is a trading name for Link Market Services Limited and is part of Link Group. Link Group are the registrar for the company you hold/held shares in and manage their register of members.

Our asset reunification service helps to secure the release of dormant assets to thousands of rightful owners.